About me

I’m a 45 year old woman who simply loves life. I embrace each new day with a nice cup of tea and the philosophy of hoping to make someone’s life a little brighter.

My life is a wonderful bag of chaos, I’m a mom to four incredible girls. They are 25, 24, 20 and forever 9. I’m also a  adoptive mom to a gorgeous 7 year old boy with complex needs and to top this all off I foster children with special needs too.

I’ve been married to Alan for the last 24 years and he drives me completely insane but I do love the bones of him. We keep promising ourselves more time just the two of us then we go and do something crazy like adopting. Obviously we just don’t enjoy alone time .

I published my first children’s book this year “Daniel the vet and his new best friend” and so far it has been super successful. I am now busy working on book two.

Whilst I work full time as a foster carer I am passionate about writing and this blog is my space to share my heart and my crazy life. 

I also run with my family the charity endeavour http://Livvyssmile.co.uk a memory making charity which we started in memory of our late daughter Livvy.