When I first saw the word “windfall” my mind went straight to financial gain. How this last year or so has been so hard financially that a windfall of money would be so welcome. I started to get lost in all the things I could give Daniel, how his room would be amazing and his storage space completed. How he could have weekly private physio and so much more. How I could support the girls, get them secure and happy, the list is endless.

Yet I found myself realising that whilst that would be amazing I do realise that my family are already my windfall.

I have been blessed in life by my children, four beautiful daughters born from my womb created in my heart. They are such gifts and for a long time I could never imagine anything beyond them. Then Daniel entered our life not via my womb but from the gift of adoption. My windfall just keeps extending.

If I add my husband to this windfall I do give so much gratitude to the man that puts up with me. A man who cares, who protects and a man who makes fatherhood look easy.

My windfall

My family.

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