That mom

Oh “that mom”.

I am “that mom” who will fight for her child, who will spend hours studying the law making sure it is being followed.

I am “that mom” that expects the best, I give it so why shouldn’t you?

I am “that mom” who informs you of legislation and legality you are just walking over and will hold you to account.

I am “that mom” who refuses to stay quiet just to keep the peace.

I am “that mom” who will not settle for your excuses.

I am “that mom” and for a long time I allowed myself to feel awkward about this and I accepted the “over emotional “ label used as an insult towards me,

but no more.

You bet I may cry when discussing how fed up I am of systems and people letting my child down, my frustration often comes out in tears. This does not make me weak.

You bet I get upset when people feel it’s ok to say things against my child or my family., wouldn’t you?

I will get angry I have ever right to.

But most of all I will fight.

I will fight for my child to be treated with respect, I will not settle for using their anxiety or struggle against them.

They show up so you better.

I will stand up to have the best for my child his disabilities does not make him less and I dare you try this on me.

I will not accept you setting limitations on my child, no chance.

If being “that mom” makes me unpopular well that speaks more about others than me.

If wanting the best is wrong for my child , then this world needs serious work.

So I will wear my “that mom” title with pride because that mom loves her children with all that she has and that is the mom I am happy to be.

That mom.

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