Day 4

Someone once told me that maybe I should see my life as one of serendipity, that everything I have faced has been a journey to the beauty that my life is blessed with now. It’s a image that’s pretty and sweet but it’s not one I can buy into .

I just cannot or will not see the pain I have faced as a part of a bigger plan. Whilst I am so blessed to be Daniel mama’s I struggle with Livvys death being part of that journey to him.

My disability has allowed me to follow my passion to write but is the writing worth the constant pain?

I think life is a journey that we have to take and yes some moments may just fall in to place but it’s not through serendipity it’s through choices we make. It’s through being brave when scared and it’s from holding on when it’s so much easier to let go.

So whilst I think serendipity is a lovely sentiment it’s not for me to view my life like this.

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