I would rather lift up than tear down.

I often wonder that when God was handing out empathy he gave me a double dose, you see I often find my heart overwhelmed by things in the world. The sadness, the fear, the loneliness and so much more. There are days where I have to avoid the news because my heart cannot handle it.

For a long time I saw this emotion as weak, I saw the pain that I felt for complete strangers as stupid. But now I know different, extra dose or not I am proud of my tender heart. I admire my willingness to love hard and I cherish my desire to lift up others rather than tear them down.

You see to lift someone up isn’t easy, it would probably be easier to not care, to not bother, to not reach out a hand to pull another to their feet. Yet I don’t think we were supposed to live life easy. It’s in the hard we realise who we are, it’s through the decision moments we decide who we wish to be.

I want to be one who lifts, I want to be one who encourages and I strive to be one who loves.

This world tells us often that we have to be ruthless, that everything is about competition that we have to be the best. Walk over others to reach the top, destroy others to reach your goal. But this narrative is wrong, the joy of celebrating a victory you achieved together will always feel better than a lone success.

Joy is amplified when shared.

In a world that is so torn let’s come together to change this, instead of turning our backs lets reach out and lift up one another. Because a separated society will only breed more sadness and hate. A society that works together can and will achieve great things. Let’s just give it a try.

7 thoughts on “I would rather lift up than tear down.

  1. Yes! This! I have a tender heart too. It’s a blessing and a curse, but I love your positive spin on being tender hearted to reach out to others and have empathy. I pray you have a wonderful day loving well. Jennifer < FMF


  2. Joanne Viola

    Beautiful post. At a time when it seems like there is so much tearing down, may we remember to lift one another up. The world is in such desperate need of encouragement. Like you, I have often viewed myself as weak, but have come to realize I would rather be moved to tears and compassion on behalf of others. There truly is a joy amplified and I thank you for amplifying my joy this morning! Blessings!


  3. What a beautiful post. What a beautiful lady you are. I to have the gift of empathy which can be overwhelming at times because there is so much pain and sorrow in the world. But we have the answer to life’s pains and sorrows. His name is Jesus.

    ❤️Terri D
    #10 FMF


  4. I look like a gorilla,
    a hooligan, pub-wrecking thug
    who looks like he might kill ya,
    but would give, instead, a hug.
    My heart melts for kittens,
    and puppies, too, of course,
    and I do find me smitten
    by a lamb or baby horse.
    Yes, perhaps there’s too much beer
    a-flowing through my veins,
    but I need to make it clear
    that my heart entertains
    thoughts that are really quite tender
    even when I’m on a bender.


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