Oh my goodness when I read the word for five minute Friday was cancel I really had to smile. Was this an ironic take on the whole of 2020? I literally felt that this could be the word for the year. Cancelled weddings, cancelled jobs, cancelled holidays, cancelled parties, cancelled meet ups. So many moments literally cancelled in the name of Covid 19. Yet the more I thought on the word God pressed on my heart that I needed to cancel my negatively that I needed to cancel my fear. I needed to cancel my attitude.

Oh my, how right he is.

I’ve let myself lose my hope this last week or so. I’ve given in to anxiety and fear as the numbers have risen my hope has decreased. I just felt that I was spiralling into darkness and my attitude well let just say just
cancelling it would be polite.

I don’t know what has pulled me into the despair I have felt this last week, maybe the negatively on social media. Christmas is cancelled is the main one I have read so many times.

But has it?

Can it?

If Christmas is a time of celebration of the birth of Jesus well how can we cancel something that has gone before. I mean I know Covid 19 can spread but time travelling well I don’t think so. So how can Christmas be cancelled it can’t, it’s just our attitude that needs adjusting. OK we may not all be able to be together but we can rejoice as one. Send our prayers of thanksgiving in union, celebrate in togetherness. Wherever we are in the world although we cannot physically touch our hearts can join to love the birth of our Saviour.

Whilst Santa may not get to visit this year, I mean come house visits are a no go we can still bring joy in our children’s hearts. There may not be any sparkly Christmas parties but have a get together on zoom and have a cake and enjoy the real reason for the season. Let’s cancel our expectations of what should be and celebrate what can be. Christmas may look different this year but different does not have to always be bad.

Maybe this year we let go of the commercialism and the must haves and just celebrate in gratitude of what we already have. If 2020 has taught us anything is that nothing is guaranteed so love each other harder and remember Christmas is not cancelled just our expectations of what it should be.

5 thoughts on “Cancel

  1. They want to cancel Christmas,
    and padlock Santa’s sleigh,
    but they are so witless,
    for Chist is on His way
    to the manger soft with straw
    to which He’s born each year
    in Yuletide hearts that no law
    can drive us from in fear.
    Perhaps we’ll not go caroling,
    and maybe there’s no feast,
    but far from our life narrowing,
    our hearts will be released
    to dance again in boundless joy
    with our Christmas Birthday Boy.


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