The world feels so crazy right, I feel bombarded from all directions. Opinions are overrunning friendships and relationships are crumbling around me.

I have no idea what to do for the best, if my decisions are right. All I know is that I’m trying to do whats best for us right now.

Somedays I feel like I cannot breathe, as if the air is no longer feeding my lungs. Oxygen being replaced by anxiety, fear, propaganda. I dont want to listen any more, I dont want to learn anymore. I just want to hide.

Covid 19 has become beyond a virus of the body its turning into a deathly virus of the mind. Depression, anxiety also hate and injustice.

I want to just cry at the pain I see around me, the loss of life, the loss of lives. So many restrictions needed yet ignored, so much scientific proof dispelled as myth.

Why can we not unite, take care of our vulnerable, stand for those in need and sacrifice for others?


Why can we not care, care enough.

Its been a while since I joined in with a Five minute Friday, free writing for five minutes taking inspiration from this weeks word. Why don’t you join in xx

6 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. Welcome back to FMF Friday. Your post echoes my heart. I found myself telling those close to me this week that I can’t think about things any more. I, too, just want to hide. I don’t know what the answer it, but I know that hiding won’t be a loss if we take Christ with us. So instead of thinking of it as hiding, sneak away with Jesus for a few extra minutes this week. Let Him love and comfort you and help you go back into the world.

    Amie, FMF #13


  2. I too feel bombarded, but I know part of that feeling is what I am allowing into my mind. I constantly have to ask myself, what is TRUTH? I don’t think we can know right now and for someone who wants straight facts like me, it’s terribly hard. But I know Jesus’ words are the TRUTH. Keep seeking him and take care of yourself and loved ones.


  3. Glad to see you back!

    Yeah, the world’s to hell and gone,
    the inmates run the joint.
    Nothing can be counted on,
    and what could be the point?
    Except…I found a Pit Bull pup
    lost in desert wilderness,
    and when I picked the small bloke up,
    he leaned into my chest
    and told a tale of pain and fear,
    and murder-sun above;
    he was scared and death was near,
    when all dissolved in love.
    And so, my friend, don’t dread to live,
    for we still have much to give.


  4. Jennifer

    So many fears and those things that cause genuine anxiety…I’m right there with you! Praying that we will take time to breathe this week!


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