Just seeing the word “life” leaves me feeling overwhelmed at the moment. It honestly feels like everything is coming at me from all directions. I feel lost, lonely, overloaded. I’ve tried to see what I can reduce and what I can change but I have responsibilities and for the most part, they don’t and cannot change when I feel this way. 

I read about finding a healthy life balance, but how do we know what that is? Some days I thrive on being busy, yet others my brain just ache’s with exhaustion. Quality of life, life skills, life lessons, life is what we are supposed to be living, but how really do we know what the life we are to lead is supposed to look like. 

I’ve been watching a programme about people who change their lives dramatically, give up the daily nine to five for lives in a wilderness. They lives seem happy, their lives seem content but they are still hard. I guess the place you live does play a part in the life you leave but it’s not the be-all and end-all, its not the answer.

Oh my goodness, sometimes I find these Five minute Friday challenges a step into the rabbit hole, I allow my fingers to type what random thoughts come into my mind. It’s liberating but sometimes scary, I guess I’m not sure where I am in this life at the moment. I know I don’t feel like I am where I should be, yet I also need to trust God has a plan for me. Is it wrong for me to wish he would send it to me in written form?

I guess, I know life is feeling hard right now, I also know that with what I have had to face in the last few months I should give myself a break.

Oh well, life is for learning and maybe this is a period of time I will be able to reflect upon in the future, who knows. 

Five minutes up.  


3 thoughts on “Life

  1. Oh my dear friend (and neighbor at FMF #11) – Life can be so hard and I have had more than my share of the hard days but this I know, God is still good. You are living God’s plan for you because you wake up each morning and live life. You have a son with complex needs – which makes your life complex. Don’t be so hard on you. God loves you with an everlasting love and He is always good.


  2. Yes, it’s overwhelming,
    and tempting not to still go on,
    for my legs are trembling
    and my voice is gone.
    Days are far too straitened now
    to accomplish much of note,
    I’m on a bending, breaking bough
    with tumours in my throat.
    And yet I have to find the meaning,
    though I’m tired and I’m hurt,
    or hand off to opium-dreaming,
    facedown in the dirt.
    So in the gloaming, ere I die
    I am compelled by God to try.


  3. Jennifer

    I agree…it is always interesting where these prompts can take us. Often, down the rabbit hole. But isn’t that one of the wonderful things about the prompt? This is my first time to your blog. I enjoyed looking around a bit – and enjoyed your thinking out loud today:) Praying that you have wisdom and strength for that needs to be done!


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