It’s ok to be angry.

I am scared of anger, I didn’t or couldn’t allow myself to feel or acknowledge this emotion. Anger is wrong, anger breeds fear, anger can harm. Actually anger can do all of these things but I’ve finally realised that it’s also a valid emotion. That it’s ok to feel this way, it’s ok to be angry.

This may sound strange, but for me the relief in this knowledge has allowed me to breathe deeply. I’m not by nature a person who will rant and rave but for the last 43 years or from when I can remember acknowledging my emotions I have not allowed myself the freedom to be angry.

I know and understand why I dont but have to ever found yourself trying to calm yourself when you have felt hurt, wronged, annoyed this was my life. It was If I allowed myself this emotion I would be in the wrong.

Yet how do you stop yourself being angry, well for me I self blamed. Maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough, maybe I should be more compassionate, kinder, generous, clearer so on and so on. I turned the emotion inwards and believe me when I say that this can be so damaging.
I mean let’s be honest, I’m far from perfect but I am not to blame for everything.

Finally realising that anger has its place in life has been such a relief, allowing myself to feel fully is a freedom I didnt realise I was depriving myself from. I’m not now out there screaming at people but I am allowing myself to feel cross and annoyed. I am valuing my own time, space and actually the right to be. Like all emotions, happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, anger has its place. In a life where one wants to live fully one has to feel fully.

It’s crazy but now at 43 years of age I am still learning more and more about who I am. Life is quite the journey.

Joining in this week with the five minute friday. Pop over and give it a go.

5 thoughts on “It’s ok to be angry.

  1. Amen! Anger is just an emotion we all feel as humans. It is neither good nor bad. What we do with the anger, and how we process it DOES make a difference. Acknowledging it is the first step to dealing with it in a healthy way :). I haven’t seen you around the Five Minute Friday crowd before, so I wanted to make sure and welcome you :).


  2. I definitely relate to this. For years I didn’t realise how much anger I was carrying because I tended to turn it inwards instead of lashing out at others. It is so important to learn to deal with it in a healthy way and it is a big relief! Visiting from FMF #13.


  3. They say I should be furious
    that I’ve not received a healing,
    but I find it somewhat curious;
    rage is not what I am feeling.
    True, I can no longer speak,
    and can barely turn my head.
    Breathing now is thin and weak,
    and they say I’ll soon be dead.
    But there are other things I’ve faced,
    wars and scary aeroplane crashes
    that tell me ‘now’ is not to waste
    in the red mist of anger’s lashes.
    Cancer’s here, but yes, meanwhile
    I’ll live each moment with a smile.


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