When people talk about living life they often use the phrase “I want to be comfortable”, I wonder if I’m strange as I honestly don’t see life this way. 

You get one life, one chance to make an impact on this world and the people in it so how does being comfortable achieve this?


Maybe it’s due to my faith but my heart just feels like it has to give all it has. Why love one person when you can love a hundred?

I think often of some of the great people in this world and their lives were far from comfortable. Mother Teresa lived in poverty, Nelson Mandela in prison and of course Jesus, without seeming flippant I think being crucified is the furthest thing from comfortable.

I’m not saying I am any sort of martyr far from it but I want to leave this world knowing I’ve exhausted every ounce of love and compassion my heart can hold. I want my legacy to be about people loved not possessions. 

Now don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t pass up a night at a spa for some pampering but is there anything more fulfilling than knowing you have made someone smile. Realising that someone knows that they are loved, insuring someone feels less alone. 

I get the desire to be comfortable to feel safe. Growing up struggling for money and worried about who knocked the door I get it. Yet even when money was tight my mom never turned anyone away for a meal. 

I don’t know maybe I am strange, I’m happy with that. 

Even today someone asked me if I don’t like rest, of course I do, but I also know I have one life and I want to make the most of it and I’m comfortable with that. 


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