My baby is 18

How is my baby 18 today?

My last born has reached adulthood.

It’s crazy, I mean I cannot actually believe it.

My shadow, my little bundle of kindness and sass.

Let me tell you a little about Miss Brodie Lea.

Entering the world on the 3rd March smack bank in the middle of her sisters regression she learned quickly to be self sufficient, a little too much at times. She was a light through some very dark days. Her character just lifted everyone. From refusing to wear trousers until she was about eight, her crazy addiction to shoes, she was just the kindness, gentleness daughter, sister ever.

Her heart was wore on her sleeve for all the world to see.

Her desire to see her sister do everything she did to be part of everything was beyond her years.

If anyone every spoke harsh about Livvy my life she was like a tigeress protecting her cub.

It wasn’t just Livvy she fought to protect or care for, she used to rush to open the doors for elderly woman, had the biggest hugs for her class mates.

Her passion for inclusion and acceptance was and is something that makes this Mama’s heart beat proudly.

Growing up wasn’t easy for Brodie, losing Livvy broke her heart and whilst it would have been easier for her to close down and protect her feelings she did the complete opposite loving harder and welcoming new members to our family with her whole heart no matter how long we had them for. She was my inspiration in this, after the loss of both Livvy and little man I was so ready to close my heart off, I couldn’t do it anymore. Brodie called a family meeting and reminded us that if we hadn’t be brave after Livvy, little man wouldn’t have known love, if we wasn’t brave again then what legacy are we making for him. She was so right but the bravery of this then nine year old was something I will always be so incredibly in awe of.

But she isn’t just her caring nature, though the huggable hero’s, born to brave, fostering network, mayor civic award and the Wellchild awards may show, this well, she is also one of the funniest people I know. She makes you cry with laughter sometimes without even trying. Her innocent and sometimes dizziness really make your heart smile. She goes at everything with the energy of an excited puppy often being the contagious excitement we all need.

It’s fair to say the teenage years were hard for my baby girl, her caring heart in an increasing insular world has left her a little battle scarred. The hierarchy of senior school never made sense to a girl who just wanted to be friends with all. For a while I lost my beautiful girl to fear and aniexty but even in her fear her character stayed kind, her compassion stayed pure.

If I was to tell you my daughter was beautiful you would probably think I was talking about how pretty she is and don’t get me wrong she is blooming beautiful but it’s not this beauty I focus on. This girlie just breathes love.

Well Miss Brodie Lea, Happy 18th Birthday sweetheart. I’m praying adulthood is all you deserve. May you reach your dreams, may you know love and may someone cherish your heart as it deserves.

Never settle lady, nothing is beyond you and never ever lose your giving heart.

I love you baby girl, all the way to the moon and back.

Happy 18th Brodie xx

P. S Dad says can you please slow down around the corners.

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