Warrior Mama

It’s been a while since I  have written a Warrior Mama post, its not that there aren’t a number of amazing parents out there its just well its the school holidays and I am literally working hard on surviving.

warrior mama

I really wanted to introduce to a woman who I am come to simply adore, I have followed her Instagram stories and posts for a long time, admiring not just her dedication and love for her daughter but her fighting spirit and desire to just laugh through the moments. Yet sometimes laughter can hide fear and right now I hope this Mama doesn’t mind me saying she is scared and to be honest rightly so.

Let me introduce to Grace.


Grace is Mama to the beautiful Ami-Grace.


Ami G has a smile that can literally fill your soul with joy. Her obsession for wheels and sticky sweets is something that tickles me pink. Get her in the paddling pool well pure heaven in a plastic ring.


Grace is a Mama who has seriously had to fight to get Ami the treatment she has needed, behind that beautiful smile and gorgeous hair is Mama who is emotionally and physically living to love on her daughter. I cannot tell you how much I admire that. We both share the wonderful joy (the irony)  of chronic pain and exhaustion yet even in her lowest moments all Grace cares about is being strong, being enough for Ami-Grace.

I have been chatting to Grace for a while now and really do count her as a friend, she has lifted me and encouraged me in so many ways.

But right now its my turn to encourage and strengthen her.

A  few weeks ago Ami-Grace lost her smile, Grace knew something was up and regardless of pompous doctors pushed for Ami to be checked and investigated. Mama was right, Ami’s shunt is not working as it should and the pressure in Ami’s brain is mounting. The poor little cub is struggling, now on a hospital ward we are praying for a solution that isn’t brain surgery. I am praying hard for a reduction in pressure, for a shunt to start doing its job and for Ami to be home lining up her cars and sticky sweeting everything.

I ask as I celebrate this amazing funny warrior mama that all my readers join me in praying, sending thoughts, healing and love to this beautiful pair.

Grace I know you are scared but you have this, you are the ultimate warrior mama and someone I would always want in my corner. Ami-Grace you are one of the strongest girls I know, you have overcome so many obstacles and you will over come this one.

I stand beside you both and I am sending you so much love.

Warrior mama, Warrior child you have this xxxx


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