Happy 70th NHS

I guess you could say I have known the NHS my whole life, from the moment of my birth I have been supported by this system.

Far from perfect the NHS is as far as I’m concerned one, if not the greatest systems in the world. Free at the point of need it has saved countless lives and given so many more people hope and time.

To be truthful like so many I took our NHS system for granted until I really needed it.

From the moment my body went into early labour with my daughter I just assumed the NHS was something that was just there. Yet when scared for my unborn child’s life I realised it is so much more.

Thanks to the NHS my baby stayed put and was delivered at a safe and healthy time. Thanks to the NHS her sister joined her a year later. Thanks to the NHS Olivia entered the world in dramatic but safe manner and was followed later by my youngest Brodie.

The NHS gave me time with Olivia, yes we didn’t have a smooth diagnosis and there were times we were let down but for the most part the NHS gave Livvy life. You only have to look to countries without free healthcare to know how lucky I was that she was born here in the UK.

From epilepsy treatments to resuscitation the NHS saved my daughters life over and over again.

The NHS also saved my son, I found out only a week or so ago that before Daniel came to us he had faced 26 operations, so many moments and nights where he wasn’t supposed to pull through, thanks to the tireless work of the staff of the NHS my monkey is still here causing mischief on a daily basis.

I cannot convey into words how grateful I am of the NHS, how frightened I am to live in a country without it.

The NHS is far from perfect but if you are ill in this country it is there for you. It doesn’t matter if you can afford it you will be cared for. It offers treatment of the person not the bank balance.

Yet I would be blind to see that it’s not struggling, as a victim of its own success people are living longer, diseases that would have killed are now being cured.

Yet government funding is not celebrating these achievements but punishing with reduced budgets, privatisation and so much more. Wealth over health seems to be this current government’s policy.

Yet today we celebrate, we celebrate 70 amazing years of a life giving organisation. We celebrate the dedication and hard work shown by NHS staff.

I say a massive thank you to the NHS, thank you for every extra moment you gave me with Livvy, thank you for my son and thank you for all that you do to keep those I love beside me.

Happy 70th Birthday NHS, I love you xxx

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