I’m so happy.

When I started this blog last week it was in a way in sadness, of course I love having a place to share my heart, my words with you but I was grieving the loss of so many posts, so many shared moments. The loss of my old blog Chas and conversation hurt, in fact it sucked like crazy.

Well i’m so excited to say all that was believed to be lost has been found. My old blog had been saved and has been restored.

Now it would be easy to return to Chaos and conversation and carry on as before, but for some reason I don’t want to, somehow it feels less like home now, just a place I had been staying for a while.

So even though I risk the loss of followers, readers not coming over with me I have decided that this blog, Rebel with kindness is home.

I have thankfully managed to bring my words over with me, all posts have been exported and are here now within this new home. So please forgive if watermarks or references are different but here is my future. I’m just so happy so thankful that my words have been restored and my memories still recorded.

So please, enjoy the past as I’m so happy its been restored but also please join me as I build a new future here on Rebel with kindness.



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