Well hello there and welcome to Rebel with kindness. If you are completely new to me I would like to say a big hello. If you are someone who has followed over with me, thank you so very much.

Why a new blog?

The answer is I simply had no choice, unfortunately due to a number of reasons my old blog got deleted along with 10 years of my posts.  This has hit me hard, for the last 10 years I have literally shared my heart in my words, my pain and grief from losing Livvy. My joy and pride as I have watched my girls grow and my latest wonderful adventure adoption and the welcoming of my gorgeous new son into our family. I have thanks to the wonders of web cache’s managed to grab some of my old posts but so many have been lost. So, if you find the old posts here are a little out of sync I apologise, my oldest posts were saved in my first ever WordPress blog, Walking with angels so up to 2011 all is good, but from then on, it’s been a bit hit and miss.

Still what can I do?

Not a lot really, I did wonder that maybe it’s time to give up blogging completely but for the couple of weeks where I haven’t had my own little piece of the internet I have really missed it and when and if I decide to stop blogging I want it to be on my own terms not just something that has happened to me.  Also I have so many more adventures to share with you all.

So here we are?

I decided a new blog had to happen, I was struggling with names terribly, I mean what title, what name defines me and all that I am and all that I write about?

Well today I was in hospital with my son and the nurse was telling me how lovely I am, and I said, “I’m a rebel” to which she laughed and replied “Yes, A rebel with kindness”.

So here we are, welcome to Rebel with kindness, may today be the beginning of a new journey, a new adventure filled with memories, moments and a lot of laughter.


Let’s go……..

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