Happy International Nurses Day

Today is international nurses day and I just wanted to say a big thank you to all those nurses that have walked through life with my children and I.

We are so lucky to have some amazing medical professionals in life but our nurses are something special.

We have a wonderful team of community nurses who are always working hard to keep Daniel stable and at home. Who are always willing to listen to a worried Mama and reassure or visit to double check.

The amazing nurses of our local hospital who know Daniel well, some I’ve known from when Livvy used to visit, but they always go that extra mile to make sure all Daniels needs are met. They also really love on him, sometimes so much that I’m sure he visits at times just for a cuddle, you are wonderful.

Our beautiful Acorns hospice nurses who come and care for Daniel in our home giving me some respite to catch up with work, play and sleep. Daniel truly looks forward to your visits and I rest easy knowing how well cared for he is.

Our specialist endrocrine nurses who never tire of my endless questions and worries no matter how irrational they are.

I truly love our nurses and as today is International Nurses Day I really wanted post to say thank you.

Thank you xxxx

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