The beginning of this week saw me in Swansea watching my daughter graduate university whilst I am still in shock that I have a daughter old enough to graduate, I was left wondering what future was out there waiting for her and all those that graduated alongside her. What did the world have to offer these newly educated minds?

Yet ten minutes later as I sat watching the waves crash against the shore, I realised that I was completely wrong in my thinking.

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A new generation, full of life, energy and potential have a wonderful opportunity to make this world a better place.

To invest not just in the financial wellbeing of the world  but in the people.

To ask not what this world can do for you, but what you can do for this world.

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Times are changing, our world cannot survive if we all continue to live as if we are individuals, alone in our decisions, responsibilities and actions. This world was created for communities, relationships and connections.

Watching these graduates I was struck by how many were more stressed about getting the perfect selfie, the perfect social media photo then actually rejoicing in their academic achievement.

Have we really become a society consumed by how we look rather than who we are?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a selfie or three but photographing an event should never come at the cost of experiencing it.

The tears and tantrums for perfection has certainly robbed some joy from this moment.

I think we really need to look closely as a society on how we prepare our children for growing up. Asking them what they want to be when they are older to better the world. Challenging them to be the inspiration this world needs to change.

Every job can and does make a difference.

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So to the graduates, congratulations on your degree. May it be the start of a career that fulfils you and challenges you in every way.

But please remember as you start your journey that the likes you get on social media are not and never will be your truth, your validation.

Put down your phones, switch off your tablets and look into the faces of those that love you. Your parents, your family, your friends these are your true validation.

I wish you all a lifetime of success, happiness and love, be strong, be brave but always be kind.

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3 thoughts on “Inspire

  1. I am thrilled that I am your neighbor this morning. Your post is full of inspiration and love and a reminder that connection, community, taking care of each other is not just what we need, but what we have to now demand. Congratulations on her graduation but even bigger congrats on raising her in your vision of love.


  2. Great thoughts here- I agree, society teaches people to be far too focussed on themselves and how things look rather than being kind and making a difference for others. We have to model and teach something different from what we see around us. Congratulations to your daughter! Visiting from FMF #11.


  3. Aliyah

    Hey Sara, I am visiting from FMF this week. I loved your post and I couldn’t agree more, so much of the time we are looking for the perfect selfie and not enjoying the present, it stinks really. But yes – communities, relationships. That’s something I’ve been praying about lately – for real relationships, for people who would take the time to be a true friend. I count my real friends on one hand and I want to do my best with those friendships, social media etc isnt reality! Anyhow, enjoyed your post blessings Aliyah (


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