I can breathe 


The air is returning to my lungs. 

I can breathe again. 

He is in recovery 

The operation went well. 

For three hours we had trusted 

Trusted in the skill of the surgeons the anaesthetist.

Trusted that they would look after my son.

Keep him safe

Keep him well. 

It’s not easy 

The internal battle of the mind.

Does he really need it?

Is it worth the risk?

Wanting your child to live a happy fulfilled life is all a parent wants. 

Your hopes and dreams are tied up in their happiness. 

I don’t dream of success or wealth for my children.

Just a lifetime of happiness and laughter. 

We will learn a new skill today.

A new way to keep him well.

Our bag of skills is getting bigger.

But my boy is good.

My boy is happy. 

I can breathe 

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