Perfection in Wales 

Holidays scare me, I’m in a place where things are out of my control. I read reviews over and over again making sure im not wasting the money we pay. I also have to trust that the place in which we are staying is clean. It’s not that I’m a clean freak but having a complex child requires a certain level of hygiene. 

It’s partly this and a few other reasons that we decided to invest in a tourer caravan. Firstly we could go where we wish but also I could have some control over my environment (control freak much). 
Anyhow these last few days we have been  on our maiden voyage testing out our caravan. We didn’t want to travel too far from home for our first trip whilst we found our feet, so a trip to North Wales was planned. 

We stayed on a lovely site called Plas Farm and when I say lovely I really mean it. From the moment we pulled on to the site I was relaxed. It was obvious that they hold themselves to a high standard because even in the middle of the Welsh countryside the grounds were spotless. We were running late as per normal for us and the reception had closed but thankfully we had already received a call from the site and we knew which pitch we had been allocated and where to find the key for the disability facilities. As we pulled up to our pitch we couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was, we had spectacular views in all directions. The pitch was well set out and it was easy for us to set up.

 My girls have an obsession with toilets ever since they were little they have had to check out the loo’s and like myself they have high standards when it comes to peeing. There was no disappointment, the toilet block was spotless and I don’t mean just clean I mean spotless. The showers were immaculate and the set up wonderful. They even had free hairdryers which was a welcome addition. 

Honestly our stay at Plas Farm was amazing. Nothing seems to be too much for the owners. They were so helpful in all ways.

We had a wonderful four nights enjoying the peace and quiet. The boys slept so well, I even managed 8 hours one night. 

We had an amazing time exploring North Wales we visited Rhyl a place I had loved as a child. It’s changed I think or maybe I have. Some memories shouldn’t be revisited or maybe some are a little too tied up in pain. 

A trip to Llandudno was a welcome one, I so love this town, it was such fun to introduce my boys to the pier. It was too windy for the cable cars so obviously we must return in the summer. 

On our last day we took a drive to visit The Glassblobbery a chance leaflet pick up in Tesco let to a Facebook obsession and real need to visit and we certainly wasn’t disappointed. It was incredible watching Dave make a giraffe from a stick of glass. Watching it come to life in front of you. Even my big boy enjoyed it and that says a lot. I fell in love with many items and was so lucky that Alan treated me to a beautiful drangonfly. I am now planning a new order. The Glassblobbery is certainly worth a visit. 

All in all for our maiden trip it has certainly wetted our appeitite for more. I cannot wait for our next adventure.

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