Be your own hero

From the moment I saw this top I knew I had to buy it for my son. In fact I wished it was in bigger sizes for all my children. You see I always tell my children to be “there own hero”.

I’m not talking about Batman, Superman flying through the air fighting bad guys kind of heroics.

I’m talking about being the best people they can be in their own lives. Doing their upmost to be the best versions of themselves.

I want them to shrive for more.

I don’t want them to live their lives just doing enough, I was them to always do more.

I believe in life we always have two choices no matter what we are facing. To walk this journey with grace and compassion or to be angry and resentful.

I cannot promise my children the perfect life, it doesn’t exist. Everyone, everywhere has their own personal struggles. Its how we deal with these struggles that defines who we are.

I remember vividly a discussion my husband and I had after losing Livvy. We could allow ourselves to fall into despair and the pain of grief or we could honour Livvy by living our lives fully.

I want my children to live fully, love fiercely and be their own heroes.

The world is there for the taking,

Whatever career they choose I want them to work at being the best in their field.

The friendships they make, may they honour their friends by being the best friends they can be.

Whoever they love, may they cherish and respect them with their whole hearts.

`Never give anyone or anything second class effort.

Right now this world is becoming a scary place to be, the rise of hate is frightening. May my children stand up against this hate with love. May they never treat anyone unfairly and may they always honour themselves by the way they treat others.

May they always be their own heroes.

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