Can today please do one

Ok it’s official I’ve decided I don’t want to grow anymore. I’m not talking my ever increasing waistband, I’m talking soul growth. That everything happens for a reason and that life isn’t about the challenges but how we adapt and grow with them. 

Whatever (cue the full eye roll here) 🙄

Not everything happens for any special, wonderful, soul enhancing reason sometimes life just sucks and people are officially idiots. 

I’m so tired right now it’s crazy and my patience is left somewhere in the middle of last week.

I’m frustrated with people who haven’t or aren’t doing their jobs correctly so that I am left struggling or playing catch up or in one case completely devastated. 

I’m angry at teenagers who strop and annoying husbands who should simply know better. 

I’m exhausted with the constant battles and chasing of services and equipment and I’m desperate for five minutes peace and quiet. 

Add to this the sweet old lady who informed me that special children are only given to special people i honestly feel ready to explode. 

You see I’m not special, right now I’m a miserable impatient, short tempered whiny cow who really just wants the world just do want one and leave her alone. 

I don’t want to look for rainbows or the joy in the moment I just actually want to wallow in self pity and maybe just maybe get some sleep. 

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day but right now I really don’t give a damn. I’m tired, aching and just want today to be over. 

Today can just do one. 

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