Dear Brodie – Sweet Sixteen

Dear Brodie

When you entered the world our family was in chaotic place. Your sister was regressing and everything seems crazy. From the moment you were born you became our calmness. That’s not to say you were quiet far from it but you had a way about you that made everyone feel at peace. Especially your big sister Livvy who at only 22 months older than you became your best friend, each one another’s shadow.
You were such a little dot, with eyes so blue you could almost swim in them and the cutest dimples ever seen. Whilst you may have been tiny your personality was larger than life. Not loud or boisterous just so determined. This determination was especially apparent when it came to caring for your sister. You became her voice making sure everyone knew what she wanted or needed but most importantly that everyone acknowledged her. I remember you vividly telling a room of mom’s that they shouldn’t talk over your sister but should talk to her, I think you were four maybe five. Never was anyone going to ignore your sister, not on your watch.
I have loved watching you grow, your kind heart and your compassion is in everything you do. I remember how school completely overwhelmed you, how you just didn’t understand how people could be mean to each other, how seeing someone sad broke your heart. The times you came out of school in tears and I would worry about what had happened to you and you would reply ” not me mom” just that someone else had been sad or there had been an argument and your empathy for them had caused your tears.
You were such a protector, you still are, from the friends in your class to your siblings you have protected them and defended them in all that you do. From educating people on disability to staring down rude people who were looking at your sister or brothers as if they were weird. Nothing is ever too much for those you love. Even your bigger sisters were under your watch, I remember you threatening to strangle your sisters ex boyfriend for “hurting her heart”.
You are my wise owl, your clarity and judgement is just simply based in love.
No ego just endless compassion.
How I love you my baby girl ( yes you will always be my baby). How your singing drives me insane but it’s the first thing I miss when you are not here. How your playful nature and your dopiness has brought us the greatest of laughs.
You have so much energy, at times I have prayed for an off switch from the Super Brodie days to the stroppy teenage ones your endless enthusiasm for life is contagious.
I actually cannot believe you are 16 today, my baby girl who refused to wear trousers is now sweet sixteen. I know every mother thinks their child is special but you my wise owl so are.
Never lose your trusting heart, never stop reaching out with your kind heart. Never stop getting cross at the injustice in this world and never never forget how incredible you are.
I love you my sweet dimples, every single piece of you. You make me so proud to call you my daughter.
I hope you have a fantastic birthday spending as you asked with your family and friends and with plenty of your favourite thing in the whole world FOOD.
Happy sweet sixteen to the kindest, sweetest girl I know. I love you Brodie Lea xx

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