For a reason

It is said that people come into your life for reason. Some are to be lifetime friends, others for a fleeting moment but each and everyone of them have a purpose in your life. 

Never have I been as sure about this than over this last week. Walking through one of my life’s hardest times. I have been completely blessed by the people I have met on this journey. 

From a mom whose hand I held as we prayed to keep our boys off ventilation. Who cried in my arms when her son returned back from intensive care.

A family whose mother I want to adopt me, who kept me sane when my heart was in chaos. Who may not really know how I much appreciated the late night chats when the stillness was causing my anxiety to rise. 

The dear friends who have messaged me throughout and those who knew to give me space, you have all given me strength this week.

We still have a journey in front of us, but I am forever grateful for those that have walked with me for a moment and those that are always by my side. 

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