Not the second post I wanted to write

I didn’t want my second post to be a sad one. I wanted to fill this blog with fun and laughter and happiness.

Yet you know what life isn’t like that. It’s a journey of wondrous moments and also one of truly hard ones.

I’m walking through a hard moment right now, our beautiful little man is back in hospital and really unwell. I wish I could promise things will be ok but right now I can’t. My heart is aching ,my soul is burning in fear.

Since the end of December he has been in and out of hospital fighting a truly awful chest infection and this time it’s back with a vengeance. We are hearing words I never wanted to hear and being asked questions I never wanted to answer.

What I do know is that right now he is a place full of dedicated doctors and nurses doing all they can to get him well. He is a fighter, a boy that already has defied the odds so many times before and I have to hold on to this and know deep in my heart that he will again.

So whilst this post may be a sad one let it also be one of a promise.

A promise of defying the odds and proving again the sheer strength of the human spirit and the power of love.

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