Hello from over here

Hello and welcome to my new virtual home.

Why have I moved you may be all asking?

Well here’s why?

When I started Walking in Angels it was my move to my first self hosted blog but more importantly it was a move in a time of pain, a time of grief. The name itself was bore out of the reminder that I would be walking through life with my daughter not here beside me. I had to tangibly hold on to the promise that although she wasn’t physically with me her spirit walked along side me. The name was also a wonderful reminder of the people that walk with you in your lifetime some for the duration others just for moments but each one having their own value, giving their own unique gift to your life. I needed this reminder to keep my heart open, to be brave and to allow myself to love again.

Eight years on I’m still on a journey that is full of grief and pain hey I will always miss my beautiful girlie but I’m also on a journey full of life and laughter.

So now it’s time to step forward and to find my place in this world of living. To always carry my daughter in my heart but also celebrate the gift of life itself. It’s also perfect timing as the official adoption of my new son comes close that I give him a place to call home, where I can celebrate all that he is, all that he loves and and the life he lives.

Chaos and conversation?

Well let’s be honest my life is a beautiful tapestry of chaos. I have four incredible daughters that bless my life each day, one turns 21 this year, the second 20 and my baby is 16 and whilst they are now well on the way to foraging their own Independant lives they still are my beautiful girlies and will forever be. They have some exciting times coming their way, celebrations, graduations, adventures and so much more. I will of course be dutifully sharing what they will allow me here in my new home. I am still so lucky that I get to love on my handsome foster son, he too celebrates a big birthday this year. Fostering is far from easy but it is hands down the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Well that and adopting my little one of course. I cannot believe it has been over a year since little man joined our family and I’m happily counting down the days until his official gotcha day.

All this, all this beautiful human beings I get to call my children certainly keep me busy. Add to this my new found love of politics, my continued desire of advocacy life is certainly chaotic.


This is easy to explain, I love nothing more than to share my heart and soul here in my virtual home. I love to chat about what’s happening in the world, what we could be doing and at times my pure frustration at life. I love the friendships that have extended from the comments into real life, the laughter, the tears the conversation.

So here I am saying welcome to all that have followed me from Walking in angels. I thank you all for your continued readership , your support and your friendship. To my new readers I say hello, pull up a chair and prepare for a wild ride. My life may be a little chaotic but it’s also full of a lot of love and laughter.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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