Reindeer memories

Have you ever had a day that just exceeds your expectation, a day filled with magical memories and maybe even a little bit of elf dust.

Yesterday was one of those days when we visited Blithbury Reindeer Lodge.




“Nestled in the heart of Staffordshire, Blithbury reindeer lodge is home to England’s largest working Reindeer herd. Over 150 Reindeer roam freely across the beautiful 30-acre site, which opens to the public for special events throughout the year.”

From the moment we began our visit at Blithbury the staff went out of way to make sure our visit was special. They had noted from my booking form that my little man was blind so they made sure that he had many opportunities to feel and smell his surroundings, they were truly lovely.


The reindeer were so cute from the old souls to the newly born this year they were just spectacular to see.

dsc_0222 dsc_0223 dsc_0213 dsc_0214

We attended Elf school which little man decided to sleep right through, but I learned all about the anatomy of a reindeer and how they don’t like their antlers being touched but loved their nose being rubbed. Also did you know that reindeers knees make a clicking sound when they walk, this lets the herd know that they are not a predator, how amazing is that.


Visiting Santa didn’t go as planned,  Santa knew that Little man was blind and he was so happy to hold his hand and speak gently to him. This made me so emotional as it was just so lovely. Unfortunately we only managed a quick photo before the little monkey screamed to be back in my arms, but hey I got one photo anyway.


We then had a story with Mrs Claus which was all about a little boy who grew up to be the reindeer man. It was interesting and I enjoyed it anyhow.

We then went on what I think was my favourite part of the day, our sleigh ride, wrapped up in reindeer pelt with Alfie the reindeer leading the way we had a lovely ride.


Little man loved the vibrations of the sleigh and we even got a giggle.


It was then time to visit the toy shop to get our certificates for attending Elf school and our driving licence for the sleigh.


We had a wonderful visit to Blithbury Reindeer Lodge, the staff were so fantastic, Santa was amazing and the sleigh ride drivers so caring. The whole team made a real effort to make sure little man had a memory making time.

It was a beautiful day and I am so thankful for the memories we got to make,  I cannot wait to visit next year, when hopefully little man will not scream at Santa Claus again.

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