Major event, major disappointment..

This weekend was supposed to be a major event in the plus size fashion world with the British Plus Size awards 2016. From what was advertised it was supposed to be a star studded night celebrating brands,bloggers and all from the plus size world.

So as you can imagine many were excited for this event, excited to see if their nominated brand, blog won one of what is seen as a truly recognisable award.

Now I do have to personally put my hands up and say I don’t know much about these awards as its not something I have ever attended but I know of many who have invested hard earned money into attending this awards, from ticket prices to outfits to accommodation it certainly wasn’t a cheap evening, so imagine the disappointment when on Friday evening this notice hit social media.


How blooming devastating for all those attending, how blooming wrong of the organisers.

Now I am not going to go into the speculation as to why this event was cancelled, to be honest it does seem to have been done in an extremely underhand way, but as I know non of those involved in the organising I am just going to stay quiet.

What I am going to do is jump on to a fantastic idea being spread via social media for us to use our platforms to give a big shout out to those affected by this cancellation, those that really matter in all this.

So thats what I am going to do.

My first shout is to the brand



Silly Old Sea Dog sell handmade vintage inspired clothing here in the UK, which is available in sizes 6-24.  Dresses, playsuits, skirts, shorts,petticoats and some of the cutest accessories you have ever seen.

I am so in love with this

1950’s Style Christmas Nutcracker Dress4i5a9547-540x800

It would be perfect for Christmas party and Christmas day.


My second shout of the day goes the beautiful Tanya from the blog Secret Plus Size Goddess, Tanya was nominated for an award and is devastated by these cancellations.

If the awards had gone ahead Tanya would have wowed all in this stunning dress.


Tanya you are utterly beautiful inside and out and I although you didn’t get to find out if you had won that award on Saturday you are always a winner in my eyes.


These two I have mentioned here are only the tip of the iceberg  when in comes to the number of disappointed, financially down and emotionally let down people from Saturday night. This cancellation effected a lot and whilst I was never going to attend I am truly gutted for all those that had been so excited for their evening. I really hope that they receive some financial compensation at least.

All I can say though is this event is not what makes the plus size community so amazing. Its the people and brands that are breaking down the barriers and reminding the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. You people, you rock …..

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