Friendship #lovegiving

I have been thinking a lot about friendship and how its supposed to be. Any regular readers of this blog would know that its something I struggle with, I have often let my insecurities and lack of self confidence become a barrier to true friendship. Thats not to say I don’t have some amazing friends because I certainly do, but this year has definitely been a year of progress for me in the area of friendship but also self belief.

I was asked by to take part in their #lovegiving campaign, anyone who hasn’t seen the advert have a watch here.

As well as this super lovely Christmas video you will see that Very took to the streets and  has been handing gifts out in random acts of kindness.


So when they offered me the chance to do this I absolutely jumped at the opportunity, I love getting to bless people especially when there is no real reason other than to remind them how amazing they are.


This week I got to give a gift to a friend who I find inspirational. I have only known her for a couple of years but her friendship has blessed me in so many ways. Besides her crazy love for life her spirit is just so open and warm. She certainly hasn’t had the easiest of years but her strength of character is something I really admire. Her courage to say yes when many would say no is something I truly love.

What really makes this friend special to me is that she loved me enough to call me out, she ignored all my excuses and told me straight that “ I was scared of friendship”. She cared enough about me to risk me walking away and this is something I will be forever grateful for.

Her call out gave me clarity, it allowed me to see that I wasn’t been rejected by people but that I was doing the rejecting first rather than risk getting hurt, rather than trust in myself and in others.

I have to say that this revelation has tested me at times and as always I am still a work in process but I am so thankful for my friend and so happy that I got to treat her thanks to



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