Love revolution 

Well what a week, many of us are feeling a little lost, afraid and extremely angry. Still whilst we may not have expected the results of the USA elections we still need to hold on to hope.

Hope that Donald Trump is more than the media is portraying him. 

Hope that those that voted for him did so for reasons beyond racism and bigotry.

Hope that the next four years will be ones of respect for all people regardless of their gender, religion or sexual orientation.

Hope that the new President will work towards peace not more war.

I have to hold on to this HOPE

Yet I cannot just hold on and just wait and see, I only have to look at our own government to see that value is not placed in all people. 

So I have to move forward and be,

Hope in action.

So I’m calling on you all to join me, 

Let’s start a love revolution.

Step out in love, reach out to the communities that will be feeling afraid, unvalued, disrespected and remind them they are loved.

Stand up for the vulnerable, fight against oppression and tyranny.

Stand up in Hope and stand strong in Love. 

Never give up.


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