From babies with love. 

I’ve been a Big Issue reader since I was at college and first learn of it. I was just impressed by the philosophy of it and also inspired by those selling it. 

So when I heard about the online shop and especially the new baby shop I had to let you all know. I mean I may be a little baby obsessed at the moment thanks to my new little man but when you get the opportunity to shop in a social conscious way but also for extremely cute things it has to be a win win situation. 

I am in love with so many Items from the From babies with love range but my favourite has to be the adorable blankets. I so want a rabbit blanket how cute would it be to wrap my little man up in this. 

From Babies with Love is the award-winning baby brand that donates 100% of its profit to orphaned and abandoned children around the world. The profits from the design-led, ethically sourced range of products support the children to grow up in loving family homes dedicated children’s villages. The children have an SOS Mother, brothers and sisters, recreating a family unit and supporting the children to go on to independent adult lives, breaking the cycle of poverty.

The brand speaks to the powerful emotions parents feel for the welfare of children universally. It also appeals to style-conscious parents who want beautiful, premium products.


Founder and editor in chief of The Big Issue Lord John Bird says ‘It’s a very special shop because what we sell helps. It helps you because it’s something that you want to buy. It helps us because it gives us income for our work. And it helps the people who make the stuff that we sell to you! It’s a virtuous circle. Winners all around. And it’s all social trading”.

Personally I’m wondering what’s not to love …… 

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