I’m not a thug #imnothug

On Tuesday I was following along on Twitter the information coming out regarding the Labour NEC meeting and awaiting the decision they were going to make. I can honestly say that at this point in time I felt truly sick, I was desperately worried for the future of the Labour party if the NEC voted to keep Jeremy Corbyn off the ballot. Yes, I admire Jeremy greatly but for me this was a decision that was based on democracy and the reading of the rules not on popularity. Anyhow waiting for this decision I came across a tweet from MP Ben Bradshaw

ben bradshaw

This actually really offended me, I am a proud member of the Labour Party and a proud member of Momentum, what I am not and never have been is a thug. How dare an elected official call anyone this let alone members of his own party.

Firstly I know it was in relation to the brick attack at Angela Eagles office which I state right away was an abhorrent act and should not have happened. No MP, no person should every have to live in fear for their personal safety. But where is the evidence that it was a member of Momentum that committed the attack? I’m not going to speculate who it could be because I refuse to paint all people with the same brush but Angela’s voting record has made her a target from many divisions not just Momentum, though again I will reiterate here that how you vote should not make you a target for abuse especially in what is supposed to be a democratic country.

Secondly how blooming dare he?

Who gave him the right or the evidence to label a group of passionate activists a group of thugs. Just because right now Momentum are backing the leader of the party against his wishes does not and never will make them thugs.

I was so appalled by this that my first thought was to tweet Ben Bradshaw and call him out but I then realised that may be his game. Let the so called thugs attack me and make my case for me. Secondly I am not aggressive in anyway, well unless you mess with my children but hey I’m a mama bear that’s normal.

So I decided to encourage members of Momentum to tweet using the hashtag #imnothug letting Ben Bradshaw know who we are and what we stand for.


I was shocked at the response, from my first tweet being retweeted numerous times to the wonderful tweets from momentum members. I got to connect with some incredible people all who stand for fairness, equality and democracy. Of course there were a few people who decided to mock or tear us down but I’m glad to say they were lost in the crowds of positive tweets.

I know that right now emotions are high within the Labour party and I completely understand this, but I agree with Jeremy Corbyn totally when he says that we all need to treat each other with dignity and respect and like JC I condemn any violence or threats from any side of the debate.


Still I refuse to sit quietly whilst an MP calls me a thug, so if I will be writing to the Labour party on this subject and keeping an active present online encouraging others to use the hashtag #imnothug and just let Ben Bradshaw know what kind of lovely, caring people he has just verbally abused.

So feel to join in with me, use the hashtag or retweet the tweets but most of all stand with me in making sure our campaigning is done with dignity and respect.

One thought on “I’m not a thug #imnothug

  1. Dorothy Osborne

    I’m not a thug .I’m a 68 year old pensioner and life time Labour supporter who remembers what the Labour Party and Socialist principles used to stand for. I hope these values might re – emerge as they are sorely needed in the country we have evolved into.


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