#Enjoymorewater Challenge

Getting enough fluid into your children isn’t easy.

I thought it was hard when my girls were younger trying to convince them that they really needed to finish their juice or have that extra glass or two when the weather was warm. Though In hindsight I now see that although this was hard I still had a little influence over them and with the right encouragement they normally enjoyed it in the end or at least drank it because mom said so.

Fast forward a few years and now as the mom of teenagers and young adults  I want to scream. It’s as if drinking enough fluid to keep them hydrated is asking them to swim the ocean. Their daily juice cups sliding over to the super carbonated drinks that I so don’t want them to fill up with.
So project make drinking cool again had to start. From posh water bottles to ice lollies I have encouraged my girls to keep drinking wisely and to drink enough to keep their body hydrated. I have had a slight bit of success as  my two oldest girls are never seen without a bottle of water in their hands.
So this then brings me to my youngest daughter, Brodie the child who never stays still, who plays sport 5 days out of 7 but who hates water with a vengeance.
All I can say is thank you Robinsons their pocket sized squashd have literally saved me from banging my head against the wall but also my daughter from the dehydration headaches to which she was prone. She now fills up before school and then can top up throughout the day using the squashd at the school water foundation.
With the great selection of flavours even my picky madam can not say she is bored. In fact within school now it’s become a bit of excitement regarding what flavour she has today. I mean its not like you would expect the kids to be excited over exams would you.

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