No turning back 

After last Thursday’s EU referendum I have been struggling. It’s hard to focus when your whole view has changed. When the country you love seems so divided. To be fair I have been feeling so lost, adrift on a boat that has no navigation system and no stars to help me map my way.

Right now here in the UK we have been set a new course, it’s uncharted waters and without a strong captain of the ship the journey forward looks rather scary and certainly won’t be easy. Yet I’m reminding myself that it’s not only the Captain that sails the ship. In fact the Captain would never cast off without his crew behind him, supporting him, helping him navigate.

This is what we the people of the U.K need to do right now. We cannot change the fact that we have set sail, many don’t want to, but we can work together to make the journey smooth and safe for all passengers and crew.

Uniting to move forward making sure that the new rules, the new policies that are put in place benefit all. We cannot continue to have a society where the poor are victimised plagued by bias reality television programmes that allows this government to portray all by some. We cannot continue to have hard working families needing to use food banks. 

It cannot go on that our youth feel so lost and disillusion feeling as if the future is not theirs anymore.

Our country need to move forward creating growth and opportunity celebrating business and enterprise . We need to see expansion and the creation of jobs. Investment in social housing the NHS and all public services. Keeping them true to the values of serving people not wealth. 

Yet most of all we need to start fighting to regain our unity. Over the last months we have allowed the language of this country to change and I refuse to accept that this our future. That our respect for each other has disappeared. I don’t want to live in a country where racist bigoted words are allowed back into conversation. Where it’s acceptable to treat another as if they don’t belong. 

We are better than this.

We are so better than this.

This country is struggling the effects of the austerity cuts are hitting most. We need to stop being swayed by the lies that are being printed to deceive us. Trusting the wolves that wear sheep’s clothing.

It’s a time of accountability, as we move forward let’s demand that we have transparency from our politicians. Let’s educate and inform ourselves better so we can no longer be lied to. 

Let’s unite to make this country fair for all not just some. 

The EU referendum brought many out to vote. Excited by the process of democracy continue with the same enthusiasm for the next local elections, general election.

Cherish the power of your vote and together we can create a society that makes us proud again.

Let’s not allow the captain to sink this ship taking only the elite in the lifeboats to safety.
We all have the right to a safe voyage but right now we have to fight for it.  

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