#incrowd – Voting to remain

Tonight I have had one of the most inspirational evenings ever. I attended the #incrowd rally for the Labour Party in Edgbaston where the evening speakers were Billy Bragg, Jack Dromey MP, Neena Gill and an amazing young political blogger whose name I’m ashamed to say I didn’t write down and the incredible leader of the Labour Party, Mr Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The evening was just truly amazing from driving to the event with one of my local councillors a woman whose passion for equality and compassion I admire greatly to listening to the evening speakers as they passionately campaigned on why we need to remain within the EU and why voting on June 23rd is incredibly important.

I took many things away with me tonight, from the words of Billy Bragg (any errors are down to my lousy shorthand and interpretation), we need an Okie coki choice, an in and out and shake it all about. The fact is that there is parts of the EU that just doesn’t sit right with many of us but by staying in we can push for reform a hell of a lot easier than if we were on the outside.

Billy Bragg

Billy reminded us that Freedom is made up of three parts

Liberty – The freedom to express yourself, to have your views, ideas, beliefs heard.

Equality – Everyone has the right to be heard, from the refugee to the monarchy everyone has the right to have use their voice and to be listened to.

The third part he said is known as Fraternity but he believes that this should be now known as Accountability.

For too long people have felt unheard, so many people are listening to the far right because they truly believe that these are their only choice. Extremists are giving the unconnected a place to call home. The Labour party needs to reach these people and remind them that this is what they stand for.


The Labour party needs to be the one too hold the markets to account.

That Europe is for people not for profit.

The decision we all make on June 23rd will change lives and I totally agree with Billy when he says we need to use our vote wisely.

From Jeremy Corbyn’s speech  I was reminded why he won the leadership by a massive margin. He is a man who is true integrity, he is simply the real deal.


He started his speech firstly by discussing the campaigns and to be honest the disgraceful way the #Brexit campaign is being run, with Boris and his cronies (my words) turning out the race card at every moment, blaming the current issues of this country on immigration. Jeremy reminded us of the importance of immigration especially within the medical field and the shared knowledge and expertise this has brought to this country. He then when on to talk about the leave campaign and their attempt to scare people into believing the NHS would be at risk if we stayed within the EU. His point was clearly made when he reminded us of the Tory party destruction of the NHS and how ironic it is that now Boris and others speak of saving something they have strove to destroy. Jeremy passionately reminded us of the core values of the NHS, healthcare for all and that the Labour party are constantly fighting to keep it funded and safe from the privatisation lobby of the Tories. He then went on to thank every member of the NHS for all they do and I personally echo that, I love our NHS.

Jeremy spoke of what the EU has done for us, 4 weeks paid holiday, maternity leave and paternity leave all things which were won for by members of the EU working together. Won by the collective joining forces.

The EU offers us a chance of being part of being something bigger, to be challenge corporations and big business. To fight for those who need us, to be compassionate across borders.

It also offers us the chance to protect our world, to fight against climate change and pollution.

Jeremy also reminded us all that we are not one solitary country on this planet we are part of a wonderful world with all its faults, but the fact is unity is what will always fight against terror, greed and oppression.

Together we are stronger. 

I cannot bear the thought of leaving the country I am so proud of in the hands of buffoons who will use fear and hate to get their false points across. In the hands of a government who destroys public services, who are out to destroy social care and treats the poor as if they were worthless.

I am not an economist and far from a political blogger but on the 23rd June I will ask you all to join me in voting remain not because I believe the European Union to be perfect but because I believe in people working collectively for the common good.

I am not alone in this world and I don’t believe where you are born or the circumstances of your heritage should define your future. A child is a child born here in the UK or in the war torn Syria and its for that child I will vote remain.


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