It matters 

Today we went to what is know as fostering panel. A board of professionals that reviews your last year as a foster Carer and decided to whether to approve you for another year. I always get so nervous before these panels. Not because I feel we have done anything wrong or are not good enough but because it matters, it really matters. 

It really matters that I get to be a Foster Carer for another year. That I get to be part of a profession that can make such a difference in the life of a child.

It matters because I now get to continue working for a company I am so proud to be part of. 

But mostly It matters that I know that the children I care for, the children I love get to stay safe and secure with our family. 

Being a Foster Carer matters to me, it’s not just a job. I’m proud to say it part of who I am. 

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