My weekend 

My weekend is going to be a weird one. Tonight our little one has his first overnight at our local hospice and while a whole nights sleep sounds blissful I am really nervous.

He may have only been us for a few months but it feels like forever and handing his care over to another isn’t easy. My mind is full of “what ifs”. Yet I know that if I was going to trust him with anyone the staff at the hospice are some of the best. 

So yes this weekend is going to be a little different. We may venture to a playground for the day and I may escape for a few hours with my hubby for some quality time. It will be nice to be just husband and wife for a little bit. Have a chance to chat and catch up. I’m also excited to hopefully eat a meal without having to wipe a chin or rock a pushchair. 

But the nighttime is going to feel strange, but after three months of not having one full nights sleep I am looking forward to my bed.

I’m sure little one will be fine and will have a fantastic time. I’m sure I will worry lots but will also appreciate the time to recharge my batteries.

So this weekend Is going to be different but one where I will be extremely grateful for the wonderful support of our local hospice and all the amazing staff. 


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