Whoa its April and time for Blog A Day

Im excited to be joining in with the April Blog A Day set up by the awesome Tracey over at Tantrums and Glitter. It has been perfect for giving me some inspiration as I struggle to finish my university assignment and love on my children.


So here is my first post of the month,

10 Facts about me. 

♥     I’m scared of clowns and snakes. (cannot even put a photo up as they scare me so terribly.)

♥     I cannot mix sauces or flavours together, my daughter tries to freak me out by mixing ketchup and mayonnaise and I have to leave the room.

ketchup-mayo   Seperate pots for separate sauces.

♥      I don’t wear matching socks unless they are brand new but get upset if my little ones don’t match.


♥     I have a certain seat on my sofa and am worse than Sheldon (BBT) if someone sits on it.


♥    I have my 14th tattoo booked ( so excited).

♥    I really really want to visit America so I can turn virtual hugs into real ones. I so want to hug this girlie tight, Special Mommy x 2. 

♥    I am an extremely proud, passionate mom.

img_1428-1.jpg   My four beautiful girls and my two amazing boys.


♥    My house is full of photos, so many that my daughters call the house a shrine.

♥    This November I would have been married for 20 years, wow everyone said we wouldn’t last.


♥    I’m getting ready to celebrate my 40th birthday this month, which I may have mentioned before. 



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