Change has to come 

I’m writing this waiting in the emergency room at my local A & E. I am actually shocked at how stretched the services are. I am sitting in a communal room with one man who has had a heart attack another that’s been attacked and a girl who is simply out of it. I am lucky I have been given pain relief and I’m coping but some of these people are not. Yet they have no privacy, no where to be in pain without an audience.

It’s so wrong I’m watching nurses and doctors run themselves ragged and still no where near catching up. 

My heart breaks for the NHS right now. Cameron and his cronies are doing everything in there power to destroy what was once was the pride of Britain. 

I’m sure there hope is to leave us with no choice but to privatise services. Which is the worst thing we can do . How many people in the UK right now cannot afford to eat let alone pay for medical insurance?

Something has to change and we the people need to stand up and say no more. 

This isn’t want the conservatives promised the elective. This is in fact far from the promises they made. They just cannot be trusted anymore. Enough is enough. 
I am simply devestated watching people suffer tonight. 

Simply devestated just like our NHS.


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