Blood, sweat and exposure 

There has been a lot of writing recently regarding PR’s and online newspapers not paying for writers work and I can understand the anger that some people are feeling yet I do actually see both sides of the story. Well maybe a little of one.

I campaign, advocate and fight for a number of causes, I’m desperate for a cure for Rett syndrome. I dream of the day when all children with disabilities are valued in their own right and I fundraise consistently to create memories. For all these I have written numerous articles for free in hope that I can spread the message and raise awareness. In fact exposure is payment enough in cases like this.

Then again I am also one who receives email after email from companies asking me to share their product on my blog, to tweet this information or generally do anything to raise their sales all for the “exposure” I will get. Now this peeves me, they would never ask a manufacturer to build the product for free or for exposure so why ask me to use my time and my words to endorse or sell it for nothing. NOT ON 

I completely understand why bloggers feel totally fed up of PR companies not recognising their worth. Not understanding or ignoring how much time and effort people have put into building their online profile and their blogs. Their value is not appreciated. 

There is nothing worse than receiving an email from a PR or company asking you to promote them only to be told they have no budget. It only rubs salt into the wound when a quick Google search tells you of the immense profit that company has made over the last year. No budget my arse.

Here on my blog I don’t actually do a lot of PR work maybe it’s because I don’t fit a certain profile or maybe it’s because I stand by words. So many times I have replied to an email saying “I’m sorry I cannot promote your product because I have never used it or simply it’s just not something that fits with me, my style or my beliefs. So if I do promote or review something you can guarantee that I use, support or believe in it. 
If I do agree to review something and find out that I don’t like it or it didn’t work for me I will certainly tell you that too. Honestly and openly is the only way I work. 

I do now think it’s time that those who are realising the reach bloggers have also realise their worth. Learn to appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing and give value where due.

Our words matter otherwise why would you want them? 

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