As a mom of children who have complex care needs that often require medical support and hospitalisation. I have had many opportunities to witness the dedication of junior doctors. I have seen compassion and professionalism in the midst of exhaustion.

Yet no matter how hard they work the present government doesn’t seem to believe it’s enough, trying to force them into working unsafe hours putting themselves and the patients they care for at risk. 
This week the junior doctors decided to say enough is enough. They have asked that the government listen to their concerns and worries for patient safety. They ask that’s they be allowed to do what they have trained for and protect patients not to put them at risk.
I was completely behind the junior doctors on Tuesday and I continue to stand beside them today. Jeremy Hunt is risking the lives of patients and in the process also trying to destroy our great NHS.

I’m not willing to sit down and let this happen. I dread to think of where my daughter would have been without the amazing care and treatment she received from the NHS. How my foster sons now would be.

I am actually writing this from a hospital ward and here on the front lines all I can see are professionals who deserve a hell of a lot more respect from our government than what they are currently receiving. Nurses, Doctors, Consultants and so many more dedicated hard working individuals. It’s about time our present government realised the true value of these people and work tirelessly towards restoring the pride of Britain, our NHS. 

I want to see politicians working as hard as the medical profession in putting people first. Let them realise that privatisation is not the way forward and that fair working hours is not only about financial impact but also is a must for public safety.

As for me I will continue to stand behind the junior doctors and all those working towards keeping people safe.  

I will continue to be extremely grateful to the Dr that worked on my son today, the theatre staff that held me when I broke down in tears. To the nurses that showed me patience and kindness and to the many more medical professions that have blessed my life. 

No price can be placed on human life, Jeremy Hunt needs to remember this. 

I stand beside the junior doctors, I stand beside the nurses of the future and I will continue to support all those fighting to save our NHS. 



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