My new normal 

The last week or so has seen major upheaval in what i class as my normal. One moment I was a mom to four teenagers and the next I am imersed head first back into the world of babies. 

Life as a foster mom can do this to you and as a special needs foster mom life can certainly throw you a few curve balls but it’s very different being a mom of a baby at 20 than it is at 40. But ignoring all the aches and pains and the need for sleep I’m loving every moment of my new normal. 

I’m being reminded of the therapeutic value of a baby cuddle. The sweet aroma that comes from babies, is oh so special that nothing else comes close.

I love the laughter that a young child brings to the home. Even the stroppy teens cannot help but smile with a babe in their arms.

It certainly has been a shock to the system, but a so very welcome one.

So right now I’m proud to say I am a mom of four beautiful girls and two amazing foster boys. 

My life is chaos but my heart is full. 


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