Less of the mature please…

I started university this week, I am now officially a student (go me). There I was at thirty-nine years old stressing about what to wear for my first day at school. I had no idea what to expect, the last time I was in an academic setting it was my daughters parents evening. The last time I had been expected to learn was errmm twenty something years ago.

What do I take, what will I need?  My daughters advice of a pen and pencil in my blazer pocket didn’t help, not only because I wasn’t actually going to wear a blazer.

Honestly I was a mess, nerves on overdrive. What were my tutors going to be like, would I get on with the other students?

As I first pulled onto the car park at the university I was in awe, the place was incredible . Already I was waging a bet with myself about the number of times I would get lost.


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