Nail polish with a difference.

The last 12 months or maybe a little longer I have fallen in love with make-up. I am loving learning new techniques, trying new brands and genuinely experimenting more.

This new found love has also seen me become a little addicted to nail polishes. Slowly building up a small collection of all colours.

So when the beautiful Aimee told me she was creating her own nail polish range I may have shrieked a little with joy.

You see I absolute adore Aimee her style, her humour and her kick ass view of life. She has supported me in my body confidence journey both as an inspiration and as a friend.

She is also totally stunning and is one amazing alternative plus size model. Seriously check out this photo I have pinched of her Facebook modelling page “sorry Aimee” and definitely go visit her page, her photos are so amazing. I love her alternative style.


Anyway back to nail polish, Aimee has created the fantastic Radioactive Unicorn range. It’s nail polish with a difference.












The colours are amazing, the intensity of the glitter is immense. Seriously they are amazing.

Go check out her shop now, her line was released on Friday and she sold out in less than an hour.

I was lucky enough to purchase four shades all that I love. I have now pre-ordered three more. The shop will be restocked for this Saturday 5th September.

I am truly in love with these radioactive unicorn polishes.

In fact I would go as far as saying I am a……

Aimee has so many things planned for the range with some exciting new shades coming up

I cannot wait.

So if you are like me and have a little nail polish addiction and you want some intense vibrant colours check out Radioactive Unicorn I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Check out the brands pages
Radioactive Unicorn Facebook page.

Radioactive Unicorn Instagram

*I have recieved nothing for this review I just absolutely love the range.

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