I went to Kingswood Camps – written by Brodie

A few weeks ago my mom told she had entered me into a competition called “Born to be brave” being run by Kingswood camps.

I was really excited just be entered so when I won I was shocked.


After looking on the website at all the amazing camps Kingswood offer I decided to attend Colomendy on a multi skills week.

Arriving at Colomendy I was nervous but the staff made me feel at ease straight away. We were shown quickly our rooms which were clean and we actually had cleaners through the week. Wish I could have brought them home they would stop my mom nagging at me about my bedroom.

Once all campers arrived we had a big meeting about the rules of camp and how to keep ourselves safe. Then we went off on a scavenger hunt.

This was the start of an action packed week where I conquered many of my fears.

I thought I was scared of heights until I found myself on the giant zip wire and on the abseiling tower.


I knew I was scared of tight places but thanks to the support of the staff I conquered my fears and when underground caving.

My favourite activity has to be the raft building as I had so much fun even though I got very wet.

I highly recommend Kingswood camps to anyone, I had so much fun and barely used my mobile phone and as you know for a 14 year old that’s pretty amazing.

Kingswood challenges you in so many ways and  I am so grateful for the opportunity.

My time at Kingswood camp Colmendy will stay with me forever.

I have had some incredible experiences and made some wonderful new friends.
In fact I loved it so much that I really want to return next year.


Thank you Kingswood camps 


Brodie xxx

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