My dream kitchen

When  we first moved into our home the last room I actually cared about was the kitchen. I was far from a great cook and as long as it was functional that was all that mattered. Ten years on it is my biggest regret that we don’t have a larger kitchen as I have learned to love baking and cooking.

I have spend many hours designing my dream kitchen in my mind.

I imagine my kitchen to big and airy with New England charm, big windows and high ceilings.



I would love a big american style fridge with an ice dispenser, that would always be stocked ready for random family get togethers or sleepovers with my daughters friends.

I want an island in the middle with stools on one side. To be used when baking but also be the heart of family after-school catchups and late night ice cream fuelled chats.

I dream of a range cooker large enough to cope with my extended family needs, work surface space that doesn’t require a juggling act at every meal. Space for more than one, so I can enjoy teaching my children the skills I have learn, working side by side.

I wish for at least two deep sinks with one of those high pressure hoses in place of a tap, big enough to fit in roasting tins and baking pans.

In my dream kitchen my oven will be tech savvy and never will I have burned joints or over spilling saucepans. My hob will be have at least 6 burners for my array of dishes.

Washing machines that are environment friendly but can cope with a family of six and a few more, large enough to wash the never ending laundry that comes from a household with a special needs child and four teens.

A Dishwasher that holds more than a couple of plates and gets a really deep clean.

As it’s my dream kitchen I will have surround sound, so I can dance as I cook, some good old Nashville tunes as the roast cooks.

I would love a bread proofer, a new food mixer, juicer oh  and my list goes on.

Storage for all my ingredients, my crockery, glasses, cake tins. So I can open cupboards and not have things fall out on me.

I would just love a kitchen that was a mix of new technology and old charm.

A light spacious welcoming room.

A place where I can feed my family, love my family and laugh with my family.


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