Tearing our children down

I just wanted to share this clip of the Ellen Show with the beautiful Melissa Mcarthy.

Ellen asked Melissa about her recent meeting with a reporter and how she addressed some of the hurtful things he had written about her.

I admire Melissa so much not only is a she an extremely talented actress she is so confident in herself and her size. She makes no excuses for being plus size and why should she?  Why should any of us?

This clip really got me though. Click photo to watch. 

I am a mom of four beautiful daughters and I have watched them struggle with body confidence. Trying to fit in even when they don’t really want to.

I’ve sat at the dinner table watching my daughter push the food around her plate because some silly boy had called her fat.

Words can hurt and as Melissa said they are tearing strip by strip off our children.

Of course I hope that one day my daughters and everyone’s daughters will love the body they have.

But until the media stops force feeding us all false expectations, fake role models and diet craze after diet craze more of our children will be stripped to the core of their selves.

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