I’m on the T.V

So a few weeks ago I blogged about my youngest daughter winning the Mayor Civic award  due to this amazing achievement Brodie and I were asked into our local tv station to share more about the award and Livvy.

Take a look at our interview here.

Be kind, I love to talk and Brodie bless her got stage fright.



If you want to learn more about Livvy’s Smile check out our website Livvy’s Smile and if you are interested in joining us to celebrate Livvy’s 16th Check out the facebook event here…

2 thoughts on “I’m on the T.V

  1. Sara, this is a great way to celebrate Brodies’ achievement and spread the word about Livvy’s Smile. Bless Brodies she looked petrified at first! It’s crazy to hear the negativity you faced from professionals prior to diagnosis, at the end of the day a parent generally can sense that something is off with their child so they should tap into that instinct not discourage it. I am still in awe at how positive and inspiring you are, you are so strong it really is admirable. If there is anyway I can help to promote Livvy’s Smile please let me know, I’d be honoured to help. You both look beautiful too! Xx


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