Not guaranteed 

It’s been a crazy week already and it’s only Wednesday . 

I’m exhausted and emotional all rolled into one. 

As a family we have had a hard reminder about the fragility of life. 

It’s because of this I want to take the time to remind you all to make those memories.

Make plans for those days out, quality times with those you love.

Leave the housework and enjoy the sunshine.

Sit and read that book you have had on your shelf for a while.

Start saving for that trip you have always dreamed to take.

Send a card to someone you know could do with a little lifting .

Be impulsive.

Hug more and laugh louder.

I know the bills will still come and the jobs will still need to be done but let us remember how blessed we really are.

When we learned of Livvy’s syndrome we decided then to make the moments matter and thankfully we have some amazing memories that we cherish dearly.

Still the last few years we have found ourselves not doing this as much. We get caught up in the stresses and worries more than in the moments.

The wake up call this week has reminded us of the need to live more. 

To enjoy more and to experience life rather than trudge our way through it.

I’m also passing on this reminder. 

Make those memories, create those smiles and share those hugs. 

Because let’s be honest, the one thing we can guarantee about life is that it’s not actually guaranteed.

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