Dolphin Tale 2

Yesterday afternooon the family and I sat down to watch the family movie Dolphin Tale 2.


We absolutely loved the first Dolphin Tale film and it still rates as one of our most loved movies of all times. Even on our 10th watch we still get caught up in the emotion.

So Dolphin Tale 2 certainly had a lot to live up to.

Dolphin Tale 2 starts back at Clearwater Marine Aquarium but one that looks very different from before. The story of Winter has brought a lot of interest and investment into the place. New buildings, equipment and so much more opportunity to help and rescue more marine wildlife.

The mission is still the same Rescue , Rehab and Release.

Without giving too much off the story away its starts several years after Winter has received her prothetic tail and with Winter losing her surrogate mother Panama leaving her alone and grieving and not wanting to engage with anyone including Sawyer her human best friend and ultimately one of the stars of the movie.

Whilst time is said to be a great healer Winter isn’t given a lot due to regulations that require all dolphins to be paired. This means she may be removed from her home at Clearwater.

This leaves the aquariums dedicated team including Dr Clay Haskett not knowing where to turn and it looks like they may lose Winter when a turn of events brings them Hope.

Compared to the first movie I will say it didn’t get me as emotionally stirred up throughout , but there were a few moments where I and my girls found ourselves on the edge of our seats.

These films are always special as we know that they are based on true events and this knowledge always allows you to find yourself a little more invested in the outcome.

It was lovely to see the return of the main cast back in their Dolphin Tale roles, I was back crushing on Harry Connick Jr where Nathan Gamble caught the eye of my 13 year old.

There was a cameo role from one of our heroes too Bethany Hamilton too.

Dolphin Tale 2 was a truly wonderful  and inspiring film that will join is prequel on our family favourite lists. My daughter has already disappeared to her room to watch it again.

If you are after a film to enjoy as a family and to also inspire your children to think a little beyond the surface of this material world I honestly recommend you order your copy today.

Winter’s story is one of hope for many, let it inspire your family today.






*I was gifted a copy of this dvd for the purpose of this review but all views are my own or that of my family.

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