Crossing the line



I have to confess I have become an avid viewer of Celebrity Big Brother.

I just cannot help myself.

I just love watching the people I have either admired or loathed from the celebrity world and trying to work out if they are like their celebrity persona. Its an armchair psychoanalyst’s dream

This season as been completely addictive, it has simply for no better term been “car crash tv”. It’s been explosive from the get go and I am honestly glad there is no live feed as my kids may have starved.

I truly don’t know what to make of it.

Of course I had previous perceptions of the housemates but to be truthful I have been surprised by them all.

From the kicking out of the first two to the faked walk out I am loving it.

I know and understand how people get so worked up over the programme and I know my poor husband is tired of my Katie Hopkins rants.

Can I just state here that I honestly believe Katie Hopkins is playing the long game. This is a woman who until she started slagging off people was not really well known. Her notoriety is based on her vicious tongue. If she turned nice she wouldn’t have a career. Two days outside of the big brother house nice Katie Hopkins would be yesterday’s news. No this lady is going to come out and call us all fools for falling for her nice act and then start bad mouthing her housemates off.

Anyway I digress this post wasn’t about KH it was about something that has shocked me more.

Last week I was on Twitter trying to tweet support for Nadia just before she was evicted when I came across some tweets which made me sick to my stomach.

Now I want to also state here that I am a great believer in the freedom of speech and I do love that Twitter allows you to tag celebrities, sports stars, musicians etc giving people a voice to those normally out of reach.

But I want to ask “when is too much, simply too much.”

Last night I was appalled to read tweets which said

“I wish Perez and Nadia would drink bleach and die”

“Let Perez win and while he is the last in the house blow the f**ker up”

“Hope Nadia gets an incurable disease and dies”

Seriously why

Why would you say such things.

As a mom whose daughter died from an incurable disease the last one really made me rage.

Am I alone in being appalled at this?

I’m all for telling a footballer he played crap.

Or a politician he is full of bull but come on wishing someone had died.

Personally I think the line is truly crossed.

What do you think?

crossing the line

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